Green Plastics

Successful in converting products manufactured from virgin materials to both recycled plastics and bioplastics.

Renewable Energy

Committed to sustainable energy and able to use renewable energy for more than half of the company’s energy requirements.

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Sigma forms an integral part of operations and a key part of the sustainability programme to reduce waste and improve performance.

Sustainability has become more relevant today than at any point in history, it is an important pillar of any successful business strategy.

We at Shaily believe in operating in a manner that has a positive impact on the planet and the people that live within our communities and we believe that both hold equal value in ensuring Shaily’s survival and success in the future. Our goal is to constantly improve our processes in way that results in reduction of power, water and the other essential natural resources. We see this as the only way to constantly remain competitive in an increasingly dynamic business environment and continue to provide sustainable growth and profitability to our stakeholders.

Lean Six Sigma forms a significant part of our overall sustainability strategy, often resulting in better quality, increased productivity and reduced waste in both our manufacturing operations as well as our business processes.

Across our other business verticals such as Home Furnishings and FMCG, we have also been successful in being able to convert products manufactured from virgin materials to both recycled plastics as well as bioplastics whilst still being able to meet RoHS and other necessary compliances.